First Home Buyers

There is a jungle out there!

Getting into the property market can be daunting for a first home buyer. Besides being one of the major financial decisions, you will need to be dealing with real estate agents, vendors, banks and lawyers. These professionals are highly skilled at their game and you will always be under pressure to sign up.

Our firm has the expertise and life experience to help you make informed decisions. We will work with you as your guide and make the process simple.

Naturally you will have questions like?

How much deposit I need:

Generally you need 20% deposit however in certain cases the deposit may be less.

What are my deposit options?

  • Your own savings
  • Money saved in your Kiwi Saver- conditions apply
  • Housing NZ Subsidies
  • Gift from parents

Click here for information on Housing NZ Subsidy and Kiwi saver withdrawal

Documents required:

It helps if you provide all supporting documents as this will enable us put together a food proposal for you.

  • 3 recent payslips with one showing YTD gross annual income
  • Employment contract – if newly employed
  • 3 months bank account statements where your salary is credited
  • 3 months bank statements for all your loan accounts / Hire purchase debts and credit card
  • Evidence of deposit
  • Identification- Passport or Driving Licence
  • Copy of sale and purchase agreements- Once you have located the property

Did you Know that the Mortagage can be completed by paying more amount. Contact us to find out more.

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