Our Story

Sunil Prakash Financial Services Limited

Sunil Prakash Financial Services Limited was founded in 2011. Our goal is helping people to make the informed decision through good advice. There is a jungle of information out there. we offer them advice based on well-researched information which helps them to make good buying decisions 

 Our business does not facilitate a transaction. We are in long term relationship business. We want our customers to respect our service and our time, in return, we help them to achieve their financial goals.

Our Director

In 2011, Sunil’s banking career spanning over 30 years came to an end. He has seen it happen in large corporates, working to please shareholders and emergence of a culture of product pushing, leaving no room for advice for clients.

With extensive experience in international, business, personal banking, financial and insurance advice the platform seems right to set up a business which would engage and provide advice to clients.

In less than 4 years, the business has established relationships with major commercial clients, managing portfolios for executive clients, assisting with wealth creation

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